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We had an awesome Christmas. Sick and all. We didn’t end up opening presents until 1:00pm. We woke up late since we hardly slept much the night before. We showered got ready, opened presents and then laid right back down afterwards. We needed more rest. Here are a few pics we took with Dave’s Iphone. They aren’t the best quality, but oh well. We have some cute pics from my parents but I’ll have to get them from my Dad’s camera.

Dave told me he only got me one present, and then hid all the other ones in these decorative boxes. He totally tricked me.

He really wanted this coat the other week but I talked him out of it so I could go back and buy it for him for Christmas. He was super excited!

We have turty some cat nip for Christmas…she loved it.

Can’t have too many lotions right?

The end for now. We went to my parents last night and I forgot my camera…AGAIN! Dangit!


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