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We had an awesome Christmas. Sick and all. We didn’t end up opening presents until 1:00pm. We woke up late since we hardly slept much the night before. We showered got ready, opened presents and then laid right back down afterwards. We needed more rest. Here are a few pics we took with Dave’s Iphone. They aren’t the best quality, but oh well. We have some cute pics from my parents but I’ll have to get them from my Dad’s camera.

Dave told me he only got me one present, and then hid all the other ones in these decorative boxes. He totally tricked me.

He really wanted this coat the other week but I talked him out of it so I could go back and buy it for him for Christmas. He was super excited!

We have turty some cat nip for Christmas…she loved it.

Can’t have too many lotions right?

The end for now. We went to my parents last night and I forgot my camera…AGAIN! Dangit!


plow and blower

This whole thing started last week when we got six inches of snow. We started talking about getting a blower or a plow, but since we have been spending so much money on house stuff we decided we would wait it out until next year. Shoveling is good exercise and we could handle it. We only have one shovel right now so when we got home from work last Monday, Dave suited up and went out in the storm. He shoveled for an hour and half and finally came back in to get warm. We were both surprised how long it took, especially since our driveway isn’t that big. He didn’t mind it though, it was good exercise.

Flash forward to Friday afternoon. Dave came home from work and told me he had been thinking about buying a snow blower or plow. He thought about how much time it took him to shovel and how convenient a snow blower or plow would be. He contemplated between the two all night long. By Saturday morning he decided hands down he wanted a blower. Here were his reasons for not wanting to get the snow plow for his four wheeler:

– side walk plowing might be a problem
-Taking the plow on and off of the four wheeler would get old
-it would be less expensive to buy a snow blower

There you have it. He made up his mind. We had lots to do on Saturday, so we got at it bright and early! We woke up, worked out and were on the road. We drove 45 minutes to SLC to pick up a couch and chair for the front room (yay)! We were rushing like crazy to get to my nieces birthday party on time so we completely skipped lunch. We made it to the party late, but with plenty of time to have fun and enjoy. Dave ate a piece of cake, but I held out for real food that I PLANNED on having once we got home.

When we got home we unloaded the couch and chair and began setting up the front room. By the time we were done arranging and re-arranging, we needed to hit the road again to run more errands before it got to late and snowy. I grabbed a few almonds and we jumped in the car. I figured we’d stop and grab some food very, VERY soon.

Our FIRST stop was Lowe’s. Dave looked around for over an hour trying to figure out what snow blower was just right. He looked at me reluctantly and pointed to the most expensive one. REALLY??!! You really want that one? He gave me his reasons and I shrugged my shoulders and told him to do what he thought was best. LOL. By this time I was more than hungry. All I had eaten the entire day was 1/4 cup yogurt and a protein bar with a few almonds….and it was nearly 6:00pm. Since he liked the most expensive one best, he decided we needed to drive 25 minutes to Sears to see if they had any better deals. I agreed since my favorite restaurant was right around the corner from sears. We called and made reservations on the drive…finally there was an end in sight. I was a happy camper!

We made it to Sears and Dave did his thing. We looked around for 20 minutes and finally he made a decision. He chose a less expensive one and we were ready to go…what could be better?? He found what he wanted for the price I wanted to pay…and most importantly I was going to get to eat very very soon! The salesman came over and almost killed me when he said…we don’t have that model in stock. Knowing Dave, I knew he did not want to wait until next week for delivery. I about fell over because I was 1. hungry as a hippo and 2. sick of snow blower shopping. eeeeeeeekkk!! It had now been 2 1/2 hours since we started and I was pretty much done. Dave paced back and forth trying to decide what to do. He really wanted to get the snow blower RIGHT THEN since the weather man had called for a blizzard the next few days. If sears didn’t have it in stock…would Lowe’s? He called Lowe’s and low and behold they did. What did that mean? That meant we had to drive 25 minutes in the opposite direction back to the store we started with and pick it up there. After another 10-15 minutes of trying to figure out what to do…we decided to make the haul back. I was delusional and giggly by this time. It felt like a nightmare where you just can’t make what you want happen, happen.

We canceled our reservation at the restaurant and started the drive back to Lowe’s. We got to Lowe’s about 8:30, bought the mother of all snow blowers (commercial grade you guys) and packed it up on the trailer. At 9:20pm we walked into the restaurant. When my food came out I ate it faster than you can imagine. I had to cover my mouth while eating the salad portion because I couldn’t eat it fast enough and still be polite. I scarffed my food and wished for more.

As soon as we got home, Dave turned on the blower and cleaned off the drive way. He was having a riot. At one point I looked out the window and saw him snow blowing the street! Boys and their toys..I tell ya.



While Dave was blowing off the Drive way, I went to town setting up the new rug that we bought from my sister. I can’t get over how expensive rugs are and had pretty much boycotted buying one. Luckily Erin told me about a rug she had bought that she would be willing to sell to us. It worked out perfect. It was the price I felt comfortable spending, and you would have thought it was made for our house. I love it!


Sunday morning we woke up to more snow, and the sound of a four wheeler riding around. Dave ran to the window only to see someone on their four wheeler plowing the sidewalks and driveways. He motioned me to the window and showed me what he was looking at. “I guess they can plow sidewalks”, he said. He also mentioned how fun it looked to be out there riding in the snow. Since we woke up late we were rushing to get to church so that was the end of that conversation…………….so I thought.

An hour or two later while in church, Dave tapped me on the shoulder and gave me a childish smirk. I asked him what was so funny and he said…”do you think Lowe’s will take back the snow blower if I’ve already used it?”….OMGOSH…are you serious? He was people…serious as a heart attack. He proceeded to tell me that he thinks he changed his mind and that a plow is really what he wants. Since he bought the top notch blower, the plow would not cost any more and he would have so much fun with a plow. He now knew that the plow could fit down sidewalks.
He had made his mind up (again)…the blower was going back to Lowe’s.

I called Lowe’s Monday morning to make sure they’d take it back and they said yes…as long as there was not gasoline in the engine. Dave had stopped by the gas station on the way home from buying the blower on Saturday so naturally it was full of gas. He decided to run the gas down, he’d plow the drive way one last time. After he spent over an hour blowing the drive way, the gas tank was still half full, so what did we do next? Any guesses? Yes friends…..we syphoned the gas out of the snow blower with a garden hose. I did not know this was actually possible. With my help and utter disbelief, I stuck one end of the garden hose filled with water in the snow blower gas tank. Dave stood at the other end of the driveway with the other end with the hose in his mouth, he began sucking on the hose trying to get the water flowing. Once the water hit his lips and he spit it out and the hose started sucking the gas out just like a vacuum. I busted up laughing.

(after we syphoned the gas)

A few minutes later I got a text from one of my neighbors saying “what in the world are you guys doing out there?”
I can only imagine what she must have thought when she looked out her window!

So to make a long story short, the monstrous commercial strength snow blower is now back at Lowe’s, and a wench and plow for a fourwheeler are on order.

Conclusion….Dave is happy


Which means I am happy.


And hopefully after reading this story, you are happy too!

QA: Is your husband WAY into his “boy toys” too?

We have been busy, and super tired. We haven’t had internet until a few days ago. I have also been swamped at work so making time for this blog was not possible.

Here is an update on what we have been up to:

-Thanksgiving at Grandmas (Last year…or so they say)
-Football and Family on thanksgiving night at our house (SO FUN)
-More football and hanging out with fam talking until 12:00am on Friday night (So fun…we never do this any more..thanks tt and erin!)
-Cleaning, moving, christmas decorating, black Fridayshopping, sleeping.
-Working, working out, being tired and sore
-Snuggling on the couch

Life has been busy, not too busy…just enough to make the week fly by to the weekends. 

I can’t believe there are only a few weeks left until christmas. How fun! I love christmas and can’t wait to spend this christmas in our new house.  We STILL have not closed yet on the house.  The bank and mortgage company are being SO retarded. We might have to switch to an entire new lender.  On a positive note, we are living rent free until things get settled. Lucky for us interested rates are staying low and we are locked in for the next few weeks with an option to extend.  I think it is working out quite nicely actually. It has been a huge headache, but we are saving money in the process, so its worth it.

I’m only working for a few more hours..thank goodness and then we are off to play, play, play!
I LOVE THE WEEKENDS! Thats all for now. Another pointless post. 🙂

Happiest day ever!! We aren’t closing until Monday so I was going to have to cancel all our moving plans….BUT Our realtor just called and said that the owners don’t care if we go ahead and move EVERYTHING in this weekend!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!! I can’t believe it! I am SO SO SO SO SO a million times SO happy!  The owners are so wonderful and so sweet to let this happen! I want to give them a big giant hug!
Yay…so now our weekend has TOTALLY CHANGED!  Today after work we will move in the little things and then tomorrow we will go at it and be moved in by the end of the day! HOLY MOLY I feel like I just won a million dollars!  Don’t you love it when you plan for the worst and then the BEST happens! Gotta go ….lots to do!!

PS….I don’t know why I picked a train sound for the subject of this post

PSs…If you didn’t check out my post on about the give away check it out and don’t forget to enter into the GIVE AWAY for a Sweet Time Watch and some make up. There are only two 1/2 days left!

We had quite the weekend! We got a ton of stuff done!  On Friday we (not us but a guy in my parents ward trying to earn money for his mission) moved all of our food storage into the new house. We don’t have that much of it…but it ended up taking almost 2 1/2 hours!  Dave and I supervised (he he) and also moved some other things. We don’t actually close until this Thursday unknow date maybe Friday, maybe next week…ERRRR! We wanted to try and get a few things in there before to make this week a bit less stressful and the owner is super cool about us doing whatever. After we got all of the food storage unloaded we headed off to dinner at Chili’s. That 2 for 20 menu is my favorite.  YUM!  After dinner we went and saw “The 4th Kind”. It was good, but not as scary as i’d hoped. I think the group of 40 annoying teenagers in front of me might have made it a bit less scary. They were screaming, laughing, making out and being so lame the entire time. (Next time I walk into a movie with that may kids..i’m walking right back out). I feel like an old hag saying that but they were seriously so immature and annoying!! On they way home we stopped by Barnes and noble where the Northridge High School astrology club had big telescopes set up. We got to see jupiter and a few other cool stars and the moon. It was so awesome!

We only had Dave’s IPHONE to take pictures. It was really dark and you could hardly see what was going on in the picture. I inverted the color of the pictures so you can kinda tell what’ going on.



Saturday was a BUSY day. We spent two hours at the doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with my foot. No conclusion yet. After the doctor we headed to IKEA where we spent 3 hours! We then picked up our washer and dryers, drove back to the house unloaded, picked up a pizza and we were both dead asleep by 9:30pm! I don’t know if that has ever happened to me in my life! Asleep before 10pm on a saturday! WTFreak. We must have both needed it cus we were out the entire night!

Sunday morning we went to our new ward and that was fun. We met lots of new people! Sunday night we had dad’s b-day dinner which was fun!  The whole family came over and we ate yummy food and dessert and hung out together.

Yesterday we got the carpets cleaned and my mom and I went to town cleaning the house! It was in pretty good shape, but it still took over 4 hours to clean! Dave worked on putting a few things together and picked up furniture from Trev’s! Today the bug guy is coming to kill all the spiders that ever lived or wanted to live there. Hopefully we won’t find one all winter long (prob not likely, but oh well).  Wednesday will be filled with more cleaning and also cleaning out our storage shed. I hate that stupid storage unit. All of the dust/dirt that ever lived in south weber is on all of our stuff and we have to spend a bunch of time vacuuming it off and then blowing it off and wiping it down…no fun! 

Ok thats a good enough update…sorry to bore you, I think this helped me to mentally write everything down. I feel much better! 

I hope this week flys by!!

We are moving into the new house next weekend! We seriously could not be more excited. The days are seriously creeping by.  We still have quite a bit to do, but thanks to ME (honk honk) the move should be pretty smooth. I have everything in line and ready to go, all we have to do is figure out what day we are closing and then we can get the movers to move and unload everything! 

We have tons of plans for the weekend that I’m super excited about. Today we are moving all of our food storage into the house. We are paying a young guy in my parents ward to help us do it. Neither one of us feel like lifting all of the heavy boxes and I don’t want to take a chance that we would hurt our backs.  After we unload it all we are going to a matinee! Yippe!  We are going to see “The 4th kind”. I might just be the scariest move i’ve ever seen..the previews look that way at least!  After that we are going to lowes to pick up a dry vac and some fire detectors and who knows what else.  We are also planning on hitting up ross and walmart!  I love just  shopping and or just walking around stores on the weekend when I feel no time constraints! Its so much fun! 

Tomorrow we are headed to SLC to pick up our washer and dryer and check out some furniture stores.  We still need furniture for the front room and bonus room and a kitchen table oh and bar stools and probably a bunch of other stuff! 

Anyhow, things are moving in the right direction and we are thrilled repeat thrilled to move. We have lived with my parents longer than we have lived by ourselves as a married couple! Can’t wait to be on our own and have our own place!  (No offense to my parents, we have LOVED living with them and they have been more than AMAZING, we are just ready to move is all). 🙂

Happy Friday

Hey there! Since I do not have access to blog spot at work and since I only blog at work, I have decided to change my personal blog from blogspot to wordpress. I like wordpress a million times better than blog spot anyhow, so it will work out perfectly.

I have another blog ( ) where I talk about fitness, nutrion, living a healthy life..stuff like that, but on that blog I don’t like to go too much into detail about other stuff going on in our life. I have been spending quite a bit of time updating that blog and have COMPLETELY neglected updating my personal blog. That is why I decided to make the switch to wordpress. I want to be able to keep up on my personal stuff so that I can look back in years to come and see what we were doing and enjoy pictures and stories!

If you have my  blog listed on your google reader or on your personal blog, please take minute and change it for me! Our new blog is . We have a lot of exciting things happening right now so I am staring back at it just in time! Have a great weekend!!